Awesome?: The Adventures of Gary the Goat

gary the goat

I may not be the biggest fan of some of the wildlife found Down Under, mainly the snakes and spiders, but it’s fair to say there are plenty of pretty cool Aussies to be found in the land of Mad Max. Australia, or ‘Straya as I’m now calling it, has given us the likes of Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue, Heath Ledger, Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, and of course, the sorely missed legend that is Steve Irwin. Many folk have also been enjoying the recent rise of the YouTube channel Ozzy Man Reviews, who you should definitely check out if you’ve been living under a rock.

However, it looks like the next ‘Straylians to hit the big time are a couple of unlikely friends who have spent the last few years traveling around ‘Straya, meeting locals, seeing the sites, and filming video diaries of their travels for YouTube. Gary the Goat and his pal Jimbo Bazoobi first met when Jimbo acquired Gary for a crate of beer in 2011. Gary and Jimbo have been traveling around ‘Straya ever since, and not without some trouble.

In 2013, Gary and Jimbo were taken to court by New South Wales police after Gary committed the heinous crime of eating some vegetation outside Sydney’s Museum for Contemporary Art. The charges were thrown out by the judge, but at no point did Gary appear to give a fuck.

Jimbo was later branded a sex offender after “wilful and obscene exposure” when he pissed into a cup in a pub. Personally, when I’m enjoying a pint, I prefer not to have the guy next to me pissing into a cup, but that doesn’t automatically make him Rolf Harris.

Gary and Jimbo.

Gary and Jimbo.

As Jimbo himself said to The Border Mail: “It dilutes what it means to be on the sex offender’s list.”

It’s worth noting he does have a habit of drinking his own piss, due to the belief that it has healthy benefits, but hey, to each their own.

Gary the goat after winning his freedom.

Gary the goat after winning his freedom.

Anyway, it’s great to see these two pals cruising across ‘Straya and having some top laughs. Recently they hooked up with several other goats including Kevin, Barbera the sheep, and Alex. Kevin seemed to be suffering from a case of cuntitus, but it was discovered his rowdy behavior may have been caused by his collar, which was on far too tight. Jimbo has also begun looking into starting a Gary the Goat political party. Who knows what adventures lie in store for these two intrepid explorers of the outback? As long as they’re together, they’ll surely overcome all odds.

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