Awesome?: Christmas

Haha the Yule tide season is upon us! The time of giving, sharing and goodwill towards all men (and women) is here.

Bring out the decorations, put up your tree and put some Christmas tunes on. Christmas means different things to different people depending on their background and faith (or lack of). But we can all agree that Christmas is a magical time of year where we are all a little nicer to one another. It’s the only time of year where it’s perfectly justified to eat chocolate for breakfast and be drunk by 10:30am. As I sit here writing this whilst listening to some Xmas tunes (Happy Xmas, War Is Over If you’re interested) I look forward to giving out presents, getting some myself and watching old relatives get pissed. It’s always good to see your grandma drop an F bomb.

Probably wondering how he’s meant to make an iPod…

You’re probably wondering how your beloved author will spend his Christmas. (Oh Chris Rea- Driving Home For Christmas) Well I’ll tell you. As a heathen, I mean Atheist, I don’t really subscribe to the whole baby Jesus in the stable story, although I do love a good nativity scene, however this doesn’t stop me from joining in the festive fun. I shall wake up Christmas morning and exchange presents with the family then listen to some Christmas tunes until Christmas dinner is served. Oh God is there a finer meal in Christendom than Christmas Dinner?  I want to kiss the man who decided that we should do nothing less than eat our own body weight in meat. (Do They Know It’s Christmas – Band Aid). Then I shall have a fun filled romp through time and space by way of  the Doctor Who Christmas special as I have done for the past 5 years. Though If anyone talks during it I will shove a Sonic Screwdriver so far up their backside they’ll still be waddling the next year. I’m a geek by the way.

Bowties are awesome too

But in all this festive fun do remember that not everyone is as fortunate at Christmas. Spare a thought for the homeless and the downtrodden. Forget your presents and Jesus and Christmas Dinner. When it comes down to it Christmas is a time of goodwill and giving so do your bit and donate a bit of cash or better still your time to those less fortunate than yourself. It’s not your fault there are people less well off than you but its seldom their fault either.

(Oh Fairytale In New York! The greatest Xmas song ever?)

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!





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