Awesome?: Falling asleep in a freshly made bed.

Frankly this is a touchy subject for me right now. It’s 4:00am and despite several hours of trying to reach the Land Of Nod I’m still wide awake. I get this every so often and I know exactly why. It’s the culmination of living a sedentary lifestyle and spending most of my time sitting in front of a computer screen whilst eating ready meal lasagne. However, I can’t possible accept the fact this is all self inflicted and could easily be cured with a more productive lifestyle so I insist on insisting that I’m an insomniac. No doubt this irks genuine insomniacs, I know it does me. (See what I did there?)

That's not me by the way. My guns are way bigger.

Anyway my point is that my “insomnia” has made me realise another Awesome thing in life. Getting into a freshly made bed, preferably nice and tired. You crawl in and feel the soft, clean, sheets kiss your skin as you rest your weary head upon a cool pillow. At this point you have reached nirvana and will soon be on your way to the fair land of Nod.

When I become a disgustingly rich billionaire playboy writer, who in his spare time plays in a chart topping rock band,one of the first things I’ll do is hire a legion of French lingerie models to change and make my bed each day.

What was I saying...Ah yes...Misogyny...

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