Awesome?: I have a Twitter account…


I once swore I would never have a Twitter account. I didn’t see the appeal in reading what a celebrity had for breakfast and I still don’t. However this blog has grown and the next logical step would be to expand my online empire. In these modern times people need updating and, whilst I’m not so into these modern internet trends, as Bob Dlyan said “You better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone. For the times they are a-changing”. Can’t argue with that.

I’ve also¬† designed a, dare I say it, iconic logo that certainly didn’t take five minutes and certainly hasn’t been used a thousand times. So follow me on Twatter, I mean Twitter here and spread the word via Mybook and Facespace or whatever it is you trendy people do.

I also have an official Facebook page you can like here. Like it to receive my tweets and updates whilst you’re on Facebook.

Mark my words dear reader, my ascent to power has begun…


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