Awesome?: Same-Sex Marriage Made Legal across the United States


Today, The US Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is now a legal right across the whole of the USA. Even states that outright banned same-sex marriage will no longer be able to enforce them.

My first thought when I heard the news was “better late than never”, but that’s just my grumpy, cynical side. The fact is that this is a hugely important victory for not just gay people, but for all people around the world. A victory in equality is a victory for all.

The vast majority of spectators were incredibly joyful over the outcome and so they should be. A superpower like America allowing same-sex marriage will be seen by other countries across the globe who will no doubt be influenced by the decision. Here’s hoping countries like Russia come to the same conclusion as the USA soon.

The White House marked the event by making this image its Twitter avatar.


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