Awesome?: New Years part 1

When it comes to new year I’m bi polar. There’s one half of me that thinks new years is a great time to start fresh and self improve. Another half wonders why everyone’s making a fuss over an arbitrary night. So we’re doing this in parts. I’m feeling optimistic today so lets start with the good stuff.

Ahh the new year! A turning point in the calendar where we can start fresh and make resolutions to better ourselves. Want to quit smoking? Lose some weight? Stop being a blog writing little dork and talk to a girl? Well the new year is time to set those wheels in motion.

If your new years resolutions take up that much space, you’re seriously fucked up.

So you’ve decided on your resolution. You burst into January full of energy and optimism. This year will be the year of change. You feel like the master of your own destiny and you feel that if you can master this particular flaw, then you could rule the world. Trouble in the Middle East? No worries. I’ve been learning a fact a day since January, Leave it with me.

You will not beat me carbs!

Of course you’ll cave and by May you’ll be worse than when you started. Nice while it lasts though.

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