Awesome?: Thug Notes


Anyone who knows me will testify that I’m about as gangster as Enya when it comes to street talk and thug life. I don’t cruise with my homies whilst scouting for bitches and I’m not in the habit of capping fools who disrespect me. Once a week however, I turn my cap back to front, let my jeans ride low and cock my glock as I watch the latest episode of Thug Notes on YouTube.

Sound advice

Hosted by Sparky Sweets, PHD and Gangsta, Thug Notes explores and analysis classical literature from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, to Salinger’s The Catcher In The Rye and everything in between.  Perhaps you were forced to read a classic back in school and perhaps, like many students, you were bored to tears by your half assed teacher with his or hers half assed interpretations. Thug Notes breathes new life into these dusty old tomes and presents itself as a virtual book club for the 21st century. Sit back and chill as my man, Sweets gets you familiar with classic books and then pulls back the curtain and analyses the more subtle points of the novel.

As an avid reader myself, it’s a joy to watch Mr Sweets explore the themes and inspiration behind each novel. In this digital age of downloads, TV and internet, it seems reading for pleasure has fallen by the wayside, props to Sweets then for reminding us fools that classical literature is just as important now as it was in the past.

So don’t be a lil’ bitch. Go check out Thug Notes and hit that subscribe button.


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